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June 30, 2013

#56) My own progress report on New Years’ Resolutions for 2013

Six months ago, I told you what New Years’ Resolutions to make.  How have I done myself following them?  Well, I’m proud to say I’ve knocked off six of the resolutions on the list.  Here’s a summary of what I’ve done and how it’s worked out for me.

2) Idiot Driver Amnesty Day.  I knocked this one off back in January – and ironically let myself off the hook a couple of times for some rather bone-headed moves behind the wheel.  Turns out that when I stop fuming at other peoples’ driving and focus on my own, I realize I’m not perfect either.  Unfortunately, this resolution has had the least lasting effect; I’ve found myself getting upset again at the automotive shenanigans of others.  Maybe I need to give myself a refresher course.

3) Radio silent hour week.  This one was also finished early and has continued to be a staple of my routine; some days I’ve done two or three hours with no loss of business.

4) Piss someone off.  I’ve had a few disputes, most of which have been civilly resolved and I’ve said no to a few people who didn’t want to hear it.  The lesson I’ve learned is that it usually takes more out of me to be pissed off at someone than to have someone pissed off at me; no consequences have happened from my failure to please everyone.

5) Facebook free day.  This one coincided with Idiot Driver Amnesty Day.  Since most of what I post on Facebook seems to be rants about idiot drivers, giving them amnesty for that day meant I didn’t have much to add.

6) Media free food week.  I was sick for a few days in March and wasn’t eating much of anything, so when I did eat I made sure it was not in front of the TV or computer.  Since then I have been doing better at continuing to stay media-free while eating, although I do revert from time to time.

10) Visit a place you’ve never heard of.  I did a nice, short little hike on the Highland Valley Trail, which despite my love of hiking, had been off my radar.     The trail is located in north San Diego County, near Escondido.

One of my resolutions – a Twitter free year – has already been broken, although I haven’t spent much time on the site.  I still have six months to read an article that puts forth an opinion contrary to one of my own, to listen to a musical recording from start to finish and write a letter, but I have another 6 months to get to those.

From all of us at D-Theory (that is to say, myself), happy Half-Year and best wishes for a productive and rewarding second half of 2013.