#60) Apps I’ve paid for #1: “Prince of Persia Classic”

Q. Why would I buy an app based on a video game that caused me to waste hours upon hours in high school?

A. I really don’t know.

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king; in a world with hundreds of thousands of free mobile applications, the app that costs $1 or $2 might as well cost a hundred dollars.  This is the first D-theory post in which I’ll describe my personal spending habits and motivations when it comes to applications.  The quality of the actual product itself is secondary, in the context of this post, to why I decided to buy it in the first place.

Prince of Persia” was originally released in 1989, when Jake Gyllenhaal was still in grade school.  The game was quite advanced for its time; it was hailed for its realistic animation and complex structure that enabled good replay value.  The player guides his protagonist through a series of dungeons, requiring a mix of skill, strategy and trial-and-error to complete.  While other kids in my high school were getting laid, I was doing this.

The original game begat a successful franchise that included several sequels, a movie and now a mobile app.  Perhaps because I was recently visiting with my brother (who turned me onto the game) or maybe because I knew my return trip included a 3-plus hour layover, I decided to buy the Prince of Persia game for $2 for my iPhone.

The mobile version of the game is nearly identical to the original, with updated graphics.  There may be a few small differences in the layout; I’m not sure if this is the case or of it’s been so long that I just don’t remember, but whatever changes if any that have been made are small.  My main complaint is that the touch-screen controls aren’t very responsive, although anyone who played the original game on the MS-DOS platform as I did may remember that the controls weren’t particularly user friendly, at least until one got the hang of them.

All that aside, did I get my money’s worth?  Yes; while there are certainly more productive ways I could be spending my time, I cannot hold this game responsible for my own decision making and it made my long layover pass more quickly.  It will undoubtedly come into play in the future at times when I am waiting around with limited options for entertainment.  The app delivers what it promises: as authentic a version of the original game as can be expected.  The application’s price is right; the true cost will be measured only in how much time is spent playing it.

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