#47) Miss me?

I’m back.

Overall the vacation was successful: in separating myself from the day to day operation of Trail Head Enterprises, I learned a few things.  My biggest accomplishment was taking large steps in overcoming my fear of free time.  I realized that forcing myself to do busy-work, or doing work that I enjoy but know probably won’t get much in the way of long-term results, is really no different from spending time on unproductive activities such as TV watching and mindless internet browsing.  I also started thinking more about the future and where I see things going in a few years, concepts that had eluded me during my day to day grind of pounding out one task after another.

My resolve to not look at any statistics such as site traffic, photo downloads, etc. lasted two weeks – a personal record.  I was a little disappointed when I came back and saw that my numbers hadn’t gone through the roof, but overall the month ended up being pretty successful – more so in fact than September, when I was hands-on.

Perhaps the biggest take-away from the vacation was realizing that instead of using my income goals as a way to avoid what I don’t want, I should use them as a tool to get what I DO want.  Resenting work I don’t want to do doesn’t make me a slacker; it just means that perhaps I need to work on redefining my goals and how I pursue them.


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