#35) Cameras and Karma

Note: this is a Simulblog, posted on both D-Theory and Nature Pic Mercenary.

I’ve officially caught my first big break of 2012.  Later this year, if I catch myself bemoaning not having enough of my photos downloaded, I would be well served to consider that I’m lucky to even have a camera.

After teaching for three hours in Santa Monica, I went back to my car–and noticed that the trunk was open.  Perhaps I had forgotten to shut it all the way, but for whatever reason, it was ajar.  I was just about to reassure myself that no one would want to waste their time on the (literal) junk in my trunk when I realized that the “junk” included my two cameras.

Before I had time to panic, I got to the trunk and saw that both cameras were intact.  In addition to making me tip my cap to karma, the incident also made me realize that, while I have been known to be dismissive of material possessions, I do, in fact, love my toys.

So regardless of what happens in 2012, in photography and in other areas of my life, I have to be thankful that my senior moment didn’t come with a huge price tag.  But while I am grateful to the residents of Santa Monica who passed by my car without looking in, you can believe that the next time, I’m shutting the damn trunk all the way!

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