#17) Virtual Stay-Cation

She was a lady ahead of her time.  Ten years before anyone knew what the word “Stay-Cation” meant, I was chatting with a woman at the office where I had a temp job.  I asked her where she was going on her vacation.  She said, “37 Gilbert Street”, referring to her home address.

Now, I am embarking on a stay-cation as well.  My plans for the remainder of July include three gigs with the South Bay Blues Authority and giving quite a few music lessons.  You see, the vacation is from Trail Head Enterprises, which includes www.nobodyhikesinla.com, my writing for the Examiner and other business ventures related to my hiking.

Why?  Three reasons.

First, it’s just time for a break.  Since making the commitment to developing my interest in hiking into a business over a year ago, I’ve barely taken any time off, and doing so will refresh and inspire me; it will help me figure out ways to move forward and give me new insights.

Second, the ultimate goal for THE is for it to be something that I want, not have, to do; for it to be an operation that can be profitable in my absence, and this will be the first chance I have to see how it works.

Third, it will give me a chance to do hikes just for their own sake, not to take pictures or write about it.  My message is that hiking is a fun, rewarding activity, and living the message–doing hikes purely for the enjoyment–is an important part of THE.

As much as I’ve enjoyed seeing Trail Head Enterprises grow, since deciding to do this, I also have been looking forward to my virtual stay-cation almost as much as I would a traditional vacation. There are no bags to pack, no airline security lines, no delayed flights on this trip.  I’m sure I’ll find myself missing THE while I’m gone, but it will just make the return that much better.

To be continued on Monday, August 1st, 2011!


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