#5) DDDSS Day 1: A simulblog of a 24-hour experiment

8:19 am, PST

I once heard a story of a student who got kicked out of college for submitting the same paper to two different classes.

Good thing for me I’m not in college.

I suppose before I continue, some translation is in order.  I am calling this a “simulblog”, because it is going to be posted on two of my blogs: Nature Pic Mercenary and D-Theory.  It is also different in that it will be added to throughout the course of today, making it a sort of time-lapse.

DDDSS stands for: D-Lock Doesn’t Do Shutter Stock.  The gist is: I have decided to ban myself from Shutterstock for 24 hours, and in true obsessive-compulsive content geek form, I am blogging about it.  This is the first of I don’t know how many times I will impose a 24-hour restraining order on myself from a web site which with I have become a little bit obsessed.

As a provider of internet content, I have a presence on several sites, both blogging and stock photography oriented.  Shutterstock is the site on which I have had the most success with my nature pictures, but, as long-time readers of Nature Pic Mercenary will attest, it is also the one with which I have the most irrational fixation.  I check it compulsively: have my new pictures been accepted yet?  How many downloads have I had?

I liken Shutterstock to the super-hot girl that you have a secret crush on: You have to let her know you’re there, but if you’re constantly in her face, she’ll run away.  So while I will be continuing to maintain my presence on several other sites, Shutterstock and I will part company for the duration of today.  The good news is that I have already spent eight hours away successfully, with no withdrawals to report so far.  The bad news is that there are still sixteen to go – and I have to be awake for them.


Almost half way through the day.  I have successfully avoided Shutterstock, although that’s not to say I’ve been all that productive.  At least, however, banning myself forces me to find new ways to be unproductive.

I did do some reorganizing of my photo files and records, and I submitted seven new pictures to Dreamstime.  Sometimes when the super hot chick is unavailable, her better than average looking friend can be a decent substitute.


Off to work!  Getting out of the apartment is never a bad thing, and I have a couple of neighborhood hikes planned in addition to my teaching schedule.  I have to keep things in perspective: as much as I want my content providing career, photographic and otherwise, to take off, right now, I typically earn more money in one hour of teaching music than I have to date from all of my internet ventures.  I just have to give it time–and not stalk the hot chick for fear of driving her away.


Got my teaching done, and took two short walks at suburban nature parks in Orange County: Huntington Beach’s Bartlett Park and Costa Mesa’s Canyon Community Park.  The second in particular was a pleasant surprise, with some wooded areas, sandstone geology and a small pond.

Of course, my stats were on my mind, and I eagerly checked up on Canstock and Dreamstime to see if any pics had been downloaded in my absence.  None, as of yet, but with a bunch of new pictures taken today, I’ll have some more stuff to upload.


I continued to flirt with the less-attractive friends of my true crush: I uploaded six more pictures to Canstock, including two from today, and submitted several to Big Stock Photo and 123rf, neither of which I had sent anything to for a while.  Even if I’m yet to have a download on either of those sites, it’s always interesting to get a cross-reference of which photos get accepted were.  And who knows – if I build my presence on some of the other sites, my number might come up.

Only two more hours to go!

7:51am (next day)

I ended up falling asleep before midnight, so when I woke up I reunited with Shutterstock.  I was disappointed that I hadn’t had any downloads since I last logged on, but it’s not the end of the world–hopefully more will come soon.

So was this experiment a success?  Yes, in that I concentrated on other areas that I would have had I spent time on Shutterstock yesterday; yes, in that although not all of my time was productive, I had to be a little more pro-active about my time wasting, but no in that “absence didn’t make [Shutterstock’s] heart go fonder” and no in that my relationship with that site – and the results of my work as an internet content provider – hasn’t become any more sane or rational.  (Case in point: I just referred to a web site as having a heart).

But if nothing else, it’s nice to know that I can put at least one of my obsessions on ice for 24 hours.

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