#4) Weather Channel

I have a new safety phrase: “Weather channel.”

Safety words are usually used in a sexual context – particularly in adventurous sex, where pain might be involved.  The idea is that if a person wants to stop what is happening, they have a code-word that they can yell.  (Ours is “aebleskivers”, a Danish dessert.  But I digress.)

However, lately we’ve been taking this outside of the bedroom.  M has used the same safety word as a way of keeping herself positive when she is feeling stressed out or upset.  I too have found my own safety word, although instead of using our mutual one, I have a new one.

Why “weather channel?”

Any place has its pros and cons.  Having lived in California for over 10 years, and the Long Beach area for the last 7, I have a love-hate relationship with my adopted home.  When I find myself getting annoyed, or even angry, at any of the nuisances of living here (I won’t bore you with specifics), I say, “Weather channel” – to remind myself that all I have to do is turn on the, well, weather channel.

Chicago is expecting a high of 28 degrees today; Philly is looking at 37 with “freezing rain.”  My home town of Boston is comparable.  On http://www.ehow.com, the featured article tells readers how to calculate how much snow their roof can handle.  Currently featured videos on http://www.weather.com include “More winter weather for the South”; “Watch a big rig crash on black ice” and “What happens to boiling water at minus 22 degrees?”

We know that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, or as the case may be, the snow is always whiter.  But sometimes it’s good to have  quick an easy way of putting things into perspective.  In my case, it’s four little syllables.


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