#1) Learning From Idiots, Part One

I was listening to “Coast to Coast”, a night-time AM radio program which frequently discusses subject matter such as alien abductions, government conspiracies, chemical trails in the sky and more.  The host read an email he had received from a listener who wanted the program to sponsor his building a time machine.  In exchange, he promised to give the show a shout-out when he arrived in the future.

I have to say, as funny as that letter may have been, it did get me thinking.  What if we could all go through life like that?  What if we all believed that everything was possible, and had no fear of rejection?  What if we just asked for what we wanted?

There’s more to this idea than just hippie, heads-in-the-clouds idealism.  In Tim Ferriss’s “The 4-Hour Work Week”, he puts forth the theory that goals that seem unachievable can actually be easier: you are more likely to work harder for something that truly excites you, and you will probably have less competition, because many people are prone to settling.

So does this mean that I will sponsor the time-machine builder?  Probably not. But I do wish him the best of luck on his endeavor, and I tip my cap to him for refusing to let the world stop him from asking for what he wants.


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